Nethack Whips patch

Este patch adiciona mais tipos de chicotes ao jogo, incluindo chicotes mais longos.
This patch adds more types of whips to the game, including longer whips.
Download (3.4.2, pode ser aplicado emcan be applied to 3.4.3): whips-nh342.patch
Documentação (em inglês):Documentation:

Nethack whips patch

Nethack 3.4.2 Whips patch 0.5, 18-oct-2003
by Arkanoid arkanoid (at)
Adds new whips and an artifact to Nethack, so that the whips skill can be more useful.
To apply this patch, enter the nethack sources directory and type
patch -p0 < whips-nh342.patch

Objects added


to-hit sdam ldam material
long bullwhip 0 2 2 leather
made out of iron chains
-1 4 2 iron
long thorned chainwhip
a better chainwhip. Generated with Balrogs.
0 7 7 mithril


to-hit dam material
the Electric Eel
A long thorned chainwhip that does electric damage.
Confers shock resistance.
+3 +10 mithril

The long whips can be used as grappling hooks, to catch far objects or hit far monsters, with an advantage: if you are skilled in whips, and apply a long whip on a flying monster, you will pull it to the ground, stunning it. If it is a medium size monster, your strength must be higher than 17 to do this; if large or huge, higher than 18/50; if gigantic, 25.


– too many whips, deleted some of them
– applying a long whip now pulls a flying monster to the ground, stunning it.
If monster is MZ_MEDIUM, strength must be > 17; MZ_LARGE or MZ_HUGE, > 18/50;
– got rid of that electric eel corpse + b?oEW = Electric Eel whip thing
– added the long whips (long bullwhip & long thorned chainwhip)
– changed the Electric Eel to be a long whip
– changed the starting whips of Balrogs to long thorned chainwhips
– corrected some weapons damages/to-hit and some messages
– reading a (not cursed) scroll of enchant weapon while wielding an electric
eel corpse turns it into the Electric Eel whip
– fixed a bug in wield.c (caused by the addition of the code that turns iron
chains into chainwhips as you wield it), where wielding nothing causes
segmentation fault
– weight of chainwhip = iron chain (was different)
– throned chainwhips are now made of mithril; this way we can justify they’re
lighter than chainwhips and easier to use (to-hit=0)
– chainwhips (thorned or no) are hard to use to yank off an opponent’s weapon
– messages in apply.c – when you apply whips other than bullwhips it says the
correct name of the weapon (“you wrap your *whip around…”)
– wielding an iron chain turns it into a chainwhip

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